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Are we truly being SMART with our goals?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

DIVE DEEP to create SMART goals

OK-I must admit, I am not the greatest of swimmers out there! Swimming was not something of a priority for me when I was growing up. Hanging out with my friends was a priority and, by extension, we would go to the pool. Sure, I would also venture off to the family cottage on weekends BUT did I know how to swim? Sure. I could keep myself afloat and I have yet to drown. Am I success based on the criteria I just mentioned, absolutely.

I almost feared the water beacuse of the fear placed upon me

BUT, when someone else my critique my synopsis or provide a second opinion, the tables may turn and NOT in my favour. Swimming, I found, was a rite of passage for many. Learning HOW to swim was a pre-requisite of my parents in order for me to be left 'unattended' at the public pool or under the watchful eye of a friend's parent. The rule of thumb was to always stay at the shallow end. Never to go deeper unless I was attended by an adult. These conditions caused a slight rebellion in my views of being comfortable in the water. I almost feared the water because of the fear placed upon me NOT to drown.

Has this ever happened to you...when someone else's fear impacted your abilities to create a goal? What about succeeding? Were you second-guessing yourself on WHAT was more important based on someone else's opinion?

I can appreciate your situation.

SMART is to be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely

That is why I spent time within my research to focus on WHY it is important to create goals in life that align with WHO you are and WHAT you are looking to achieve in life. Now, I know that many of the people reading this article may be familiar with what the SMART goal acronym is and how to implement this style of goal setting. Quickly, the current SMART acronym is to be




Relevant, and


Add an "S" to SMART to SHARE your goals

For example, if we were to look back at swimming, let's say I want to become a stronger swimmer. I would be specific- I want to be a stronger swimmer that can keep myself safe from drowning. The measurable is the reality that I don't want to drown. The attainable piece is the mini goal of what I/ other by extension can notice if the goal is reached. The relevant is DOES this align with the ultimate goal. Finally, timely is creating a fair timeline to achieve the success I am looking for, which is to become a stronger swimmer. NOW, before I continue, I have always encouraged myself and others to add an "S" to the SMART goal to read SMARTS:





Timely, and


Sharing is so important as then you have a circle of support around you that knows what you are doing. More importantly, to share in your success and support you if you struggle.

What I could do is BUT, and yes there is a but and share with you that, while this SMARTS goal does help, perhaps there is a better way to use the SMART goal?

Join Dr. Drew's Discussion Community where I will be sharing with you a new ideology that impresses the view that a SMART goal needs to be more challenging for there to be a success. No, it doesn't mean by any measure of the word that one needs to drown in order to achieve this success...its quite the opposite. The goal is always to succeed and reach your full potential of what you want to be.

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