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IGNITE- by unlocking who YOU are!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

IGNITE! That's right! It's time. It's time for you to unlock who you are!

I know it sounds easy, unlock the door to your full potential and you are ready to roll. BUT, I know, that darn BUT gets in the way far too often. BUT comes into play more times that many of us care to admit. In this case, HOW do you unlock something when you don't know where the key is?

KEYs-Yes, a good ol' fashion key is a set back to many. The key can be many things. Time. Opportunity. Support. Financial. This key is what many people believe to be what is holding them back from reaching the goal. Well, I have news for you. there are many ways to unlock who you are! There are MANY ways to open a locked door. You could bash it (not recommended), you could unscrew the hinges off the other side of the door (may not be visible), could try to locate the key/make another one (time-consuming) OR, you could look for alternative ways to get inside WITHOUT the need for a key.

Again, sounds easy, right?! Wrong! When I am working with my clients, they want the easy way out...less time consuming and ultimately fewer distractions. So, I always ask if they have the key that would fit into this lock that stands in their way. Often times my clients are perplexed. The imagery of a door that is locked confuses my clients. Yes, they have seen what a locked door looks like. It's the metaphoric meaning of the door and what a door symbolizes. When I ask what does the door symbolize, I hear concepts such as change, growth, development and the four-letter word F-E-A-R. The fear stems from what is INSIDE that door. The unknown. The fact that they are outside of a locked door keeps them SAFE and COMFORTABLE.

What can be done when you are safe and comfortable. Status quo. That's right, what is happening now will continue to happen and if you are ok with that, so be it. BUT, there is also curiosity. What may happen if I open the door? How will the inside of the room look? Am I going to be ok when I decide to open the door? Will I be SAFE?

The answer I always say is...

I don't know.

This is not my door. It is not my locked door and I don't know what is inside. I do know that when the door is ready to be opened, you will be ready. If you are not ready, you will learn to be ready with whatever comes your way. What I DO know is that you will LEARN from whatever it is that is inside of this locked room that may IGNITE a spark within you and foster a new passion that has always been a part of you. A part of you thirsting to try something new and exciting!

I know that FEAR can be a scary emotion. I find that FEAR battles EXCITEMENT in the world of emotions and sometimes they are two emotions that are difficult to tell apart. I do know that both can be strong emotions and need to be acknowledged. The door can always be something that you decide to slowly open too. What you will NEVER know is what is inside you if you don't give yourself the permission to unlock this potential within.

Does this resonate with you? Is FEAR causing you problems when you are attempting to unlock your potential? Tired of always standing in front of the door? Join Dr. Drew's Discussion Community to take you through the process of doubt and IGNITE the passion within.

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