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LEARN to grow with social media.

Social Media is slightly tricky for me. I often felt like, if you needed to know something about me, I would tell you. I wouldn't blast the information to the world. It just didn't make sense.

Until recently.

I shared my story about imposter syndrome in a quick post I wrote about my challenges in life. I always felt like a piece of paper was the answer to removing imposter syndrome. Ultimately, it was quieting the voices of others who were saying that you were not ready. You needed more time to percolate.

Has this happened to you before?

I am sorry for what has happened to you. BUT, you are not alone. This is was I learned through social media. I had over 7,000 views of my article and 250+ messages from people similar to me that have had the same plights. I was not alone and neither are you. What is great about social media is that you may connect with someone that you have never met before. You may hear their story and realize that ANYWHERE you are, whether location or situation in life, this can happen to you anywhere.


Why?! Because you are destined for greatness. YOU have come this far in life to not let something stop you. YOU have the ability to get things done. YOU know you are worth getting past this obstacle. YOU know that, while others may see the issue as a mountain, you are looking at the issue as if it was an anthill. YOU are ready for it.


My only....only caution to the wind is the fact that social media has trolls. The trolls lurk in the dark underbelly of social media. Popping their head up to cause a stir. Let them. Don't give them any energy. It's a waste of time and it is pulling away from what you are destined to become and be. Remember-trolls lurk everywhere EVEN in your regular routines. It may be a co-worker, friend, or family member. I know this can be difficult BUT you need to be all Frozen like and Let it Go! So who just say a quick verse of letting it go?!

My other favourite part of social media is what I call keyboard ninjas. At first, I was like, who are these people? What are they doing? Do they have nothing better to do in their life? At least with the troll, it is usually one-hit-wonder comments and then off they went to troll under another bridge. Keyboard ninjas are consistent little bugs that try to get into your skin. They think they can get to you.


Sure they will try BUT YOU are awesome. YOU got this. There is a simple opportunity now to simply block their messages. I know not all social media offers this mystical opportunity. You can always continue to scroll beyond the keyboard ninjas that surface in your quest for greatness.

So, I have indeed found that social media is still a great tool and resource to explore the wildness that is the interweb and who is out there. YOU are not alone. YOU are awesome. I still do not understand the purpose of snapchat, if you figure that one out, let me know ok?!

Do you find yourself trapped without support? Are there times you feel alone? Join my discussion group at where you can connect with other like-minded people in their quest to reach success!

-Dr. Drew Daily Digest

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