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N-O means New Opportunities!

Oh where do I begin? Yes, no is a common phrase that can be QUITE exhausting to both hear and have to say. It really is an annoying phrase to hear when you are all pumped up and excited trying something different. Then, the idea canned by someone in an authoritative position.

It's frustrating. It's exhausting.

I feel your pain. Recently, I had a circumstance where I heard the word 'no'. Yes, I do hear this word rather often in my line of work and just in life. "No, we have tried that and it didn't work" OR "Not gonna happen because this person doesn't agree". "No" is a very defeating word for sure!

"NO" can be EXCITING. "NO" can be INSPIRING. "NO" can bring CHANGE.

NO, I am not crazy. I have redefined what no means to me. No now means NEW OPPORTUNITY. That's right. When I hear the word "NO" I am now using the gift of reframing and examining other options that are available to me. "NO" means that maybe, JUST maybe there is a silver lining to the situation where I can create something out of this NEW OPPORTUNITY. At first, it took a lot for me to reconsider this NO= New Opportunity because I would hear this NO in many different environments.

I was already using NO= NEW OPPORTUNITIES and I didn't even realize it!

At home, my husband and I would be figuring out what we would make for dinner. Oh, the domestic squabble about making dinner decisions. I would offer a couple of ideas for dinner and they would get the "NO". What I would subconsciously be thinking are alternative solutions that could get a yes. Eventually, the NO turned into a YES. See it's possible! Yes, this is a small example BUT, small examples can lead to being outcomes.

BUT, yes here it comes, what if the NO comes in a NOT now form? That's ok. I figured out the "T" in this case. The "T" stands for New Opportunity Timing! You're welcome. Yes! New Opportunity Timing means that your Timing is off. It can happen. Perhaps you were slightly off your game and just needed to hold off on the implementation process. In this case, the best way to remedy this problem is by asking for a timeline. My waiver for a timeline is to appreciate and accept the timeline present in front of you. IF that Timing turns into a "NO" outcome, then you are back at looking at NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

Is it really that easy? Yes! Be positive. Be YOU. Don't let a NO stop you in your tracks. Let the NO signify a NEW OPPORTUNITY for yourself! Have you heard NO recently and it brought you down? Well, let's remember that YOU have the ability to reframe your thinking into a positive thought. YOU are amazing and YOU will reach your goals.

Looking to chat more on your NEW OPPORTUNITIES? Connect with me in the discussion forum at

-Dr. Drew's Daily Digest

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