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Mission, Vision, and Values


To provide a neutral and unbiased platform for parties in conflict to reach mutually acceptable resolutions. Through active listening, effective communication, and skilled facilitation, Dr. Drew aims to foster understanding, encourage collaboration, and promote harmony. With a commitment to confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity, he strives to empower individuals and organizations to resolve disputes amicably and achieve sustainable outcomes.  


To promote a peaceful resolution of conflicts by facilitating open and constructive dialogue between parties involved. With impartiality and empathy, a mediator fosters understanding, generates creative solutions, and helps parties find common ground. 


Dr. Drew believes in three core values that he calls the 3Ps to success. 

Patience: Knowledge and experience take time to incubate success while building trust.

Perseverance: Working through rejection shows our true character while injecting fun and humour.

Passion: Ignite the energy and enthusiasm in everything you do through collaboration. 

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