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Bookings/ Cancellations/ Rebooking


A coaching contract will be sent to commence our meetings and breakdown our bookings/cancellations/rebookings.  Full payment is required at time of booking. Dr. Drew will coordinate the booking based on both schedules.  Cancellations are eligible for rebooking if notification is received 24 hours prior to coaching event.  If the cancellation is received under 24 hours or a 'no show' results in no refunds.  Rebookings are scheduled within the same month of booking.  

Six-month inspirational meetup needs to be completed within 90 days of first use, no exceptions



A non-refundable deposit is required for any in-house workshops. This non-refundable deposit is used to secure the mutually agreed upon date and the deposit is half of the total investment price. If, for some reason you need to change your booking date, we will keep a credit on file for a future booking that is mutually agreed upon.

Full refunds will be issued to any non-in-house workshops if the training session is cancelled by the trainer.  A $600 cancellation fee will be applied if the registration cancels 14 days prior to the training session.  No refund will be generated for cancellations under two weeks prior to an event or ‘no shows’.


Bookings are secured once 50% of the deposit is received.  The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the speaking engagement.  Cancellations 30 days prior to speaking engagement will be refunded their deposit minus 10% of the deposit for administrative purposes.  No refunds are provided once full payment is received, rather, a credit for a single future speaking engagement.

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