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The challenge of competing priorities.

Yes, it happens. "IT" being competing priorities. My apologies that Dr. Drew's Daily Digest hit a snag in me crafting a daily reflection. I also send thank yous to my readers that messaged me throughout the week asking if everything is ok. I felt loved.

The reality is that I had competing priorities over the past week.

I am sure this has happened to everyone and I am not alone. The past week was crazy busy with me having multiple workshops to facilitate, coaching sessions, and some student papers to be graded. Even though I love LOVE to write and share my story, I found myself absorbing the time I would use towards my passion and dedicate this time to getting all of my tasks completed. At first, I thought no one would mind that I didn't have a daily post. I was wrong.

People enjoy consistency.

I can appreciate this fact. Consistency is great to have and when I was offering a daily blog, I was told by some of you that this was how you started your day. I threw your day off. For that, I apologize.

Consistency builds trust.

If you do one thing, you are likely to do that thing again. Sure, there may come some complications in the process; however, it is how we persevere through the complications that enhances our level of consistency.

What I am sharing here today is that our decisions impact more than just us. My thought was that, if I didn't blog, I was giving myself the time to grade more papers. I didn't think of the people/followers that would be missing out. Now, I am changing my Dr. Drew's daily digest to Dr. Drew's Digest. I promise to send out a more regular reflection to you all.

-Dr. Drew's Digest

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