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Get your SMARTS on- working SMARTer and not harder.

Guilty- I am not one to go to the gym. I have tried and tried again to join gym. The allure is there--to have a healthy body and be fit and feel better. It sounds like a mystical land like Narnia. BUT--and yes, there is a but, I never lasted long. I found myself dreading to go the gym. Even when I got there, I still didn't truly enjoy myself. Lifting weights or running on a treadmill was not doing it for me. I did not see any results and, if anything, the only part I did enjoy was going into the sauna or steam room post-workout. Not only that but when I did go to the gym, I was taking myself away from time I could be doing work. So, I found myself in limbo, and not the fun limbo where you try to go under a stick without touching the stick OR falling in the process.

What could I do to achieve a similar result AND actually enjoy myself?

Then it hit me, well nothing really 'hit me' in this case. I found myself drawn towards this concept. This secret that only a few others seem to know BUT never shared with the world. Even if you heard the rumblings of said concept, you wouldn't align it with a workout.

I was introduced to Yoga.

Yes, Yoga has been around for centuries BUT I never associated Yoga to a workout. I saw this medium as a way of relaxing and rejuvenating yourself, which I would not associate to the sweat and burn of Yoga. I was then introduced to different forms of Yoga and the sun salutations. It is with these movements that are started to notice I was stretching places I didn't know existed. At first, I didn't feel the connection. BUT, the next few times attending BOY did I feel something. I felt my muscles being sore and stiff.

I learned how to work out smarter and not harder.

In the gym regime, I would go daily and workout a specific section of my body for 60-90 minutes. I would then head to the steam/sauna room for 10 minutes and shower and leave. This was a 2-hour process. Attending Yoga was an every other day event and sure, you could go daily BUT I didn't feel I could because of my muscles needs some time to recoup. So, what was once a daily event, turned into an every other day event. I now saved 6-8 hours a week that I could shift my focus back to my work.

So, what is it that you do that causes you to dread? What are you doing that makes you a bit frustrated that you have to do and you are trying to find alternative solutions? Have you had a similar situation that you would like to share? Join me and many others in Dr. Drew's Discussion Community to connect with other like-minded people are sharing their stories with us and coming up with solutions!

~Dr. Drew's Daily Digest

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